Duck and Green Lakes and
their tributaries.
Green Lake with a summer
fog bank moving in
Ed Dewey - President
Dave Pennington - Vice President
Laurel Thompson - Treasurer
Barb Bayer - Secretary
Board Members
Marc Alderman
Barb Bayer
Oral Carper
Mike Corning
Ed Dewey
Mike Emaus
Debie Horn
Kurt Hubschneider
Roseanne Jamrok
Brian McAllister
John Novak
Dave Pennington
Claire Stepenson
Dick Thompson
Laurel Thompson

     Emeritus members
     Fippy Komrska
     Arch Carey
About Us
Who We Are
Our association was formed in 1974 by a few interested residents to address
environmental and water safety issues impacting Green Lake and the Betsie
 Duck Lake residents joined as full members in 2014.  Membership is
Association Activities
Volunteers participate in plant and water monitoring programs to insure the
health of both lakes.  Two newsletters are delivered each year to each riparian
member on both lakes with articles addressing lake living issues.  Occasional
surveys are taken to determine the needs and interests of the members.
Annual Meeting
Our annual meeting handles the business of the association but also includes a
speaker or program dealing with invasive species, environmental, legal or
historical  information of interest to residents.  

The 2016 meeting was held  August 20th at the Community Hall next to the
Interlochen Library
Our watershed signs.
Duck Lake Coordinator
John Novak
Annual membership dues are $15.  Dues cover the cost of our water testing lab
fees.  Interested in joining?  Send your checks made out to
Green Lake & Duck
Lake Association
with both your local and winter address and e-mail address
Green Lake & Duck Lake Association P.O. Box 23 Interlochen, MI 49643

Click below to view a copy of our most recent newsletter
published  twice each year and delivered to members on
both Green and Duck Lakes.
2016 Duck Lake Volunteers:

John and Elaine Novak
Mary K Montieth
Aaron Stander
Brian and Debie Horn
Candice and Dick Wallace
Dick and Carol Thompson
Oral Carper
John Hubbard
Marv Burdinie
Robert & Joelle Lowing
Andrew Dyke

Our thanks to Aaron Stander and Robert
Lowing for also taking the Green Lake Spring
water samples this year.

Click  below for the updated by-laws
Duck Lake

Treatment of the EWM beds was completed this June
with  money from the Duck Lake Invasive Species
fund and a one time donation provided by the
township. Future treatment costs will  be covered by
a Special Assessment Distric
t (SAD) of Duck Lake
riparian owners.  The  SAD should be in place by next
year to address any remaining
or new EWM.

Green Lake 4th of
July Boat Parade
was a big success as
usual.  Join us next
The links below are copies of the Presidents presentation
to the membership at the 2016 annual Meeting and the
report on the Eurasian Watermilfoil treatment of beds
found in Duck Lake.